[ kawr-per-it, -prit ]
/ ˈkɔr pər ɪt, -prɪt /


of, for, or belonging to a corporation or corporations: a corporate executive; She considers the new federal subsidy just corporate welfare.
forming a corporation.
pertaining to a united group, as of persons: the corporate good.
united or combined into one.


a bond issued by a corporation.

Origin of corporate

1350–1400 for v. senses; 1505–15 for adj. senses; Middle English corporaten < Latin corporātus past participle of corporāre to incorporate1; see corpus
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Examples from the Web for corporately

  • Corporately, the village is said to possess 10,000 yen in cash in addition to its land.

    The Foundations of Japan|J.W. Robertson Scott
  • Yet, corporately and individually, we fight with eyes that see.

    Anthropology|Robert Marett
  • They are more; they are, corporately, its masters and owners.

    Cambridge|Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker

British Dictionary definitions for corporately


/ (ˈkɔːpərɪt, -prɪt) /


forming a corporation; incorporated
of or belonging to a corporation or corporationscorporate finance
of or belonging to a united group; joint
Derived Formscorporately, adverb

Word Origin for corporate

C15: from Latin corporātus made into a body, from corporāre, from corpus body
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Word Origin and History for corporately



early 15c., "united in one body," from Latin corporatus, past participle of corporare "form into a body," from corpus (genitive corporis) "body" (see corporeal).

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