1. a combining form representing cumulus in compound words.

Origin of cumulo-

see origin at cumulus, -o-
  • Also cumuli-; especially before a vowel, cumul- .

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How to use cumulo- in a sentence

  • The appearance of the cumulo-stratus, among ranges of hills, presents some interesting phenomena.

    The Rain Cloud | Anonymous
  • The cumulo-stratus, when well formed and seen singly, and in profile, is quite as beautiful an object as the cumulus.

    The Rain Cloud | Anonymous
  • The cumulo-stratus is more dense and continuous in its structure; thick in the middle, and thinned off towards the edges.

    The Rain Cloud | Anonymous
  • The third is the cumulo-Stratus, which is made up of the cirro-stratus blended with the cumulus.

    The Rain Cloud | Anonymous
  • cumulo-stratus clouds usually foretell a change of weather—from rain to fine, or from fine to rain.

    The Reason Why | Anonymous