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cycle of indiction

  1. indiction(def 3).
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[in-dik-shuh n]
  1. a proclamation made every 15 years in the later Roman Empire, fixing the valuation of property to be used as a basis for taxation.
  2. a tax based on such valuation.
  3. Also called cycle of indiction. the recurring fiscal period of 15 years in the Roman Empire, long used for dating ordinary events.Compare lustrum.
  4. a specified year in this period.
  5. the number indicating it.
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Origin of indiction

1350–1400; Middle English indiccio(u)n < Latin indictiōn- (stem of indictiō) announcement, equivalent to indict(us) past participle of indīcere to announce, proclaim + -iōn- -ion
Related formsin·dic·tion·al, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for cycle-of-indiction


noun (in the Roman Empire and later in various medieval kingdoms)
  1. a recurring fiscal period of 15 years, often used as a unit for dating events
  2. a particular year in this period or the number assigned it
  3. (from the reign of Constantine the Great)
    1. a valuation of property made every 15 years as a basis for taxation
    2. the tax based on this valuation
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Derived Formsindictional, adjective

Word Origin for indiction

C14: from Latin indictiō declaration, announcement of a tax; see indite
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Word Origin and History for cycle-of-indiction



late 14c., "period of fifteen years," a chronological unit of the Romans, originally for taxation purposes, fixed by Constantine and reckoned from Sept. 1, 312; it was still in use in the Middle Ages. From Latin indictionem (nominative indictio) "declaration, appointment," noun of action from past participle stem of indicere (see indictive).

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