[ sith-uh-ree-uhn ]

  1. of or relating to Cytherea.

  2. Astronomy. of or relating to the planet Venus.

Origin of Cytherean

<Latin Cytherē(a) (<Greek Kythéreia Cytherea) + -an

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How to use Cytherean in a sentence

  • The Cytherean spoke, and sought her son's embrace, and laid the armour glittering under an oak over against him.

  • The Cytherean gave ready assent to her request, and laughed at the wily invention.

  • Now beneath the beaming moon, Cytherean Venus leads forth the band.

    Manners, Vol 3 of 3 | Frances Brooke
  • Pallas Athene taught them by word of mouth, and the Cytherean was their rosy, warm, unfailing friend.

    Hills and the Sea | H. Belloc
  • The Cytherean babes had set their torches to that flotilla, and it had blazed like match-wood.

    Zuleika Dobson | Max Beerbohm