[ deyn-tee ]
/ ˈdeɪn ti /
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adjective, dain·ti·er, dain·ti·est.

of delicate beauty; exquisite: a dainty lace handkerchief.
pleasing to the taste and, often, temptingly served or delicate; delicious: dainty pastries.
of delicate discrimination or taste; particular: a dainty eater.
overly particular; finicky; fastidious.

noun, plural dain·ties.

something delicious to the taste; a delicacy.



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Origin of dainty

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English noun deinte, dainte, dente “worthiness, happiness, delicacy,” from Anglo-French deinte, Old French deint(i)e, from Latin dignitāt- (stem of dignitās ); the adjective is derivative of the noun; see dignity
1. See delicate. 3. See particular.
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British Dictionary definitions for dainty

/ (ˈdeɪntɪ) /

adjective -tier or -tiest

delicate or eleganta dainty teacup
pleasing to the taste; choice; deliciousa dainty morsel
refined, esp excessively genteel; fastidious

noun plural -ties

a choice piece of food, esp a small cake or sweet; delicacy
daintily, adverbdaintiness, noun
C13: from Old French deintié, from Latin dignitās dignity
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