[ duh-ney-i-deez ]
/ dəˈneɪ ɪˌdiz /

plural noun Classical Mythology.

the 50 daughters of Danaus, 49 of whom were condemned to pour water forever into a leaky vessel for having murdered their husbands.
Also Da·na·i·dae [duh-ney-i-dee] /dəˈneɪ ɪˌdi/, Da·na·ids [duh-ney-idz] /dəˈneɪ ɪdz/.

Related forms

Dan·a·id·e·an [dan-ee-id-ee-uh n, dan-ee-i-dee-uh n] /ˌdæn iˈɪd i ən, ˌdæn i ɪˈdi ən/, adjective
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/ (dəˈneɪɪˌdiːz) /

pl n singular Danaid Greek myth

the fifty daughters of Danaüs. All but Hypermnestra murdered their bridegrooms and were punished in Hades by having to pour water perpetually into a jar with a hole in the bottom

Derived Forms

Danaidean (ˌdænɪˈɪdɪən, ˌdænɪəˈdiːən), adjective
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