[ ded-wood ]
/ ˈdɛdˌwʊd /
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the dead branches on a tree; dead branches or trees.
useless or burdensome persons or things: He cut the deadwood from his staff.
(in writing) unnecessary words, phrases, or exposition; expendable verbiage: This could be a thoughtful and incisive essay if you get rid of the deadwood.
Nautical. a solid construction, serving only as reinforcement, located between the keel of a vessel and the stem or sternpost.
Bowling. pins remaining on the alley after having been knocked down by the ball.
  1. Rummy. cards in a hand that have not been included in sets and are usually counted as points against the holder.
  2. Poker. cards that have been discarded.
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Origin of deadwood

First recorded in 1720–30; dead + wood1
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How to use deadwood in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for deadwood

/ (ˈdɛdˌwʊd) /

dead trees or branches
informal a useless person; encumbrance
nautical a filler piece between the keel and the stern of a wooden vessel
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