1590s, anglicized spelling of French pronunciation of debauched "dissolute" (see debauch). Obsolete in England after mid-17c., retained in Scotland, and given a revival of sorts by Scott (1826), so that it turns up in 19c. literary works.

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Historical Examples of deboshed

  • Also, what Enright says to that deboshed stage driver for so doin'.

    Faro Nell and Her Friends

    Alfred Henry Lewis

  • His appearance was that of a deboshed City clerk, as he was.

  • The one part scared the virtuous, at the other the deboshed yawned.

    The Mountebank

    William J. Locke

  • He was eloquent on the moral uplift of a simple, old-world life presented in its entirety to a deboshed civilisation.

  • That settled, I sacks that hamlet of Red Dog, an' plows an' sows its deboshed site with salt.'

    Faro Nell and Her Friends

    Alfred Henry Lewis