deep pocket

Also, deep pockets. A source of substantial wealth or financial support, as in The college relies on the deep pocket of one particular alumna. This term alludes to money-filled pockets. [Slang; 1970s]

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How to use deep pocket in a sentence

  • Some three miles east of Alkosh lies a great recess in the mountains—hardly so much a valley as a deep pocket among the cliffs.

    The Cradle of Mankind | W.A. Wigram
  • The village of Georgetown nestles in a deep pocket of the mountains.

    Birds of the Rockies | Leander Sylvester Keyser
  • Slipping the knife into the deep pocket of her cloak, she hurried on into the unlit passage leading to the chapel.

    Studies in love and in terror | Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • Don placed a sandwich in each deep pocket of his mackinaw coat, and pushed an apple on top of each.

  • The little man reached down into a deep pocket in his coat, and drew out a tiny harp and a tiny stool.