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Origin of freeze

before 1000; (v.) Middle English fresen, Old English frēosan; cognate with Middle Low German vrēsen, Old Norse frjōsa, Old High German friosan (German frieren); (noun) late Middle English frese, derivative of the v.

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British Dictionary definitions for defreezing


verb freezes, freezing, froze (frəʊz) or frozen (ˈfrəʊzən)

to change (a liquid) into a solid as a result of a reduction in temperature, or (of a liquid) to solidify in this way, esp to convert or be converted into ice
(when intr, sometimes foll by over or up) to cover, clog, or harden with ice, or become so covered, clogged, or hardenedthe lake froze over last week
to fix fast or become fixed (to something) because of the action of frost
(tr) to preserve (food) by subjection to extreme cold, as in a freezer
to feel or cause to feel the sensation or effects of extreme cold
to die or cause to die of frost or extreme cold
to become or cause to become paralysed, fixed, or motionless, esp through fear, shock, etche froze in his tracks
(tr) to cause (moving film) to stop at a particular frame
to decrease or cause to decrease in animation or vigour
to make or become formal, haughty, etc, in manner
(tr) to fix (prices, incomes, etc) at a particular level, usually by government direction
(tr) to forbid by law the exchange, liquidation, or collection of (loans, assets, etc)
(tr) to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or use of (something specified)
(tr) to stop (a process) at a particular stage of development
(tr) informal to render (tissue or a part of the body) insensitive, as by the application or injection of a local anaesthetic
(intr foll by onto) informal, mainly US to cling


the act of freezing or state of being frozen
meteorol a spell of temperatures below freezing point, usually over a wide area
the fixing of incomes, prices, etc, by legislation
another word for frost

sentence substitute

mainly US a command to stop still instantly or risk being shot
Derived Formsfreezable, adjective

Word Origin for freeze

Old English frēosan; related to Old Norse frjōsa, Old High German friosan, Latin prūrīre to itch; see frost

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Word Origin and History for defreezing
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Medicine definitions for defreezing




To pass from the liquid to the solid state by loss of heat.
To make or become congealed, stiffened, or hardened by exposure to cold.

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Science definitions for defreezing



To change from a liquid to a solid state by cooling or being cooled to the freezing point.
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