or de·gree day


noun Engineering.

one degree of departure, on a single day, of the daily mean temperature from a given standard temperature. Abbreviation: dd

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Origin of degree-day

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British Dictionary definitions for degree day

degree day


a day on which university degrees are conferred



a unit used in estimating fuel requirements in heating buildings. It is equal to a fall of temperature of 1 degree below the mean outside temperature (usually taken as 18°C) for one day
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Science definitions for degree day


A unit of measurement equal to a difference of one degree between the mean outdoor temperature on a certain day and a reference temperature. The unit is most often used in estimating the energy needs for heating or cooling a building (for example, heating degree-days and cooling degree-days). Originally, degree-days were used to determine the relationship between temperature and plant growth. The term continues to be used in life sciences as a measure of upper- and lower-temperature limits for organisms.
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