1. of or relating to the teeth.
  2. of or relating to dentistry or a dentist.
  3. Phonetics.
    1. (of a speech sound) articulated with the tongue tip touching the back of the upper front teeth or immediately above them, as French t.
    2. alveolar, as English t.
    3. interdental(def 2).
  1. Phonetics. a dental sound.

Origin of dental

1585–95; < Medieval Latin dentālis, equivalent to Latin dent- (stem of dēns) tooth + -ālis -al1
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British Dictionary definitions for dentally


  1. of or relating to the teeth
  2. of or relating to dentistry
  3. phonetics
    1. pronounced or articulated with the tip of the tongue touching the backs of the upper teeth, as for t in French tout
    2. (esp in the phonology of some languages, such as English) another word for alveolar
  1. phonetics a dental consonant

Word Origin for dental

C16: from Medieval Latin dentālis, from Latin dens tooth
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Word Origin and History for dentally



1590s, from Middle French dental "of teeth" or Medieval Latin dentalis, from Latin dens (genitive dentis) "tooth," from PIE root *dent- (see tooth).

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dentally in Medicine


  1. Of, relating to, or for the teeth.
  2. Of, relating to, or intended for dentistry.
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dentally in Science


  1. Relating to the teeth.
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