[ dahy-nahy-truh-fee-nawl, -nol ]
/ daɪˌnaɪ trəˈfi nɔl, -nɒl /

noun Chemistry, Pharmacology.

any of the six isomers consisting of phenol where two hydrogen atoms are substituted by nitro groups, C6H4N2O5, used in dyes and wood preservatives, and in biochemistry to uncouple oxidative phosphorylation.

Origin of dinitrophenol

First recorded in 1895–1900; di-1 + nitrophenol
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Medicine definitions for dinitrophenol


[ dī-nī′trō-fēnôl′, -nōl′ ]


Any of six crystalline compounds, especially a highly toxic compound that increases fat metabolism and was formerly used in weight control.
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