dip net

  1. a net or mesh bag on a long handle, used to scoop fish from water.

Origin of dip net

First recorded in 1855–60

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[ dip-net ]

verb (used with object),dip-net·ted, dip-net·ting.
  1. to scoop (fish) from water with a dip net.

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How to use dip net in a sentence

  • In running tide areas that neck-down between coastal islands, passes, spits of land, and tidal bars, use fine-mesh dip nets.

    14 wild edibles you can pull right out of the ocean | By Bob McNally/Field & Stream | October 19, 2020 | Popular-Science
  • It has the advantage of being for sale on the market, and in fact is an ordinary fishing dip net of small size.

  • Over the kettle a square piece of white flannel was suspended, caught up at the corners like a dip net.

    Woodcraft and Camping | George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)
  • Arms worked up and down, big boots stamped, while inboard and out swung the dip-net, and onto the deck flopped the mackerel.

    The Seiners | James B. (James Brendan) Connolly
  • Having thus made ready the sacrificial altar, he took the long-handled dip-net from its nail and descended the bluff to the wharf.

    The Woman-Haters | Joseph C. Lincoln
  • One member of the party is said to have jumped into the water and with a dip-net thrown bushels of fish upon the beach.

    The Stronghold | Miriam Haynie