[dip-luh-kok-uh s]

noun, plural dip·lo·coc·ci [dip-luh-kok-sahy, -see] /ˌdɪp ləˈkɒk saɪ, -si/, Bacteriology.

any of several spherical bacteria occurring in pairs, as Diplococcus pneumoniae.

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Origin of diplococcus

From New Latin, dating back to 1886; see origin at diplo-, coccus

Related formsdip·lo·coc·cal, dip·lo·coc·cic [dip-luh-kok-sik] /ˌdɪp ləˈkɒk sɪk/, adjective

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noun plural -cocci (-ˈkɒksaɪ)

any of various spherical Gram-positive bacteria that occur in pairs, esp any of the genus Diplococcus, such as D. pneumoniae, which causes pneumonia: family Lactobacillaceae
Derived Formsdiplococcal or diplococcic (ˌdɪpləʊˈkɒksɪk, -ˈkɒkɪk), adjective

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Medicine definitions for diplococci



n. pl. dip•lo•coc•ci (-kŏksī′, -kŏkī′)

Any of various paired spherical bacteria, including those of the genus Diplococcus, some of which are pathogenic.
Related formsdip′lo•coccal (-kŏkəl) null adj.




A genus of gram-positive anaerobic encapsulated fermenting bacteria having a somewhat elongated spherical shape.

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