[ dis-en-tang-guhl ]
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verb (used with or without object),dis·en·tan·gled, dis·en·tan·gling.
  1. to free or become free from entanglement; untangle; extricate (often followed by from).

Origin of disentangle

First recorded in 1590–1600; dis-1 + entangle

Other words for disentangle

Other words from disentangle

  • dis·en·tan·gle·ment, noun
  • dis·en·tan·gler, noun

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How to use disentangle in a sentence

  • They must be quieted, before we can commence the means necessary for their disentanglement.

    Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit | Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • In his laborious way, Tom worked at the disentanglement, but without much success.

    The Wave | Algernon Blackwood
  • The three, however, were already in process of disentanglement.

    The Bright Messenger | Algernon Blackwood
  • It was vain to seek their disentanglement; it was impossible.

    Incredible Adventures | Algernon Blackwood

British Dictionary definitions for disentangle


/ (ˌdɪsɪnˈtæŋɡəl) /

  1. to release or become free from entanglement or confusion

  2. (tr) to unravel or work out

Derived forms of disentangle

  • disentanglement, noun

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