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[dih-sim-uh-ley-shuh n]
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  1. the act of making or becoming unlike.
  2. Phonetics. the process by which a speech sound becomes different from or less like a neighboring sound, as pilgrim [pil-grim] /ˈpɪl grɪm/ from Latin peregrīnus [per-e-gree-noo s] /ˌpɛr ɛˈgri nʊs/, and purple [pur-puh l] /ˈpɜr pəl/ from Old English purpure [poor-poo-re] /ˈpʊər pʊ rɛ/, or disappears entirely because of a like sound in another syllable, as in the pronunciation [guhv-uh-ner] /ˈgʌv ə nər/ for governor.Compare assimilation(def 7).
  3. Biology. catabolism.
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Origin of dissimilation

First recorded in 1820–30; dis-1 + (as)similation
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Historical Examples

  • The female name Annabel is a dissimilation of Amabel, whence Mabel.

    The Romance of Words (4th ed.)

    Ernest Weekley

  • Three of the most important of these are assimilation, dissimilation, and metathesis.

  • Dissimilation is first found in philological works published in the decade 1874-85.

    English Past and Present

    Richard Chevenix Trench

  • In the family name Hansom, for Hanson, we have dissimilation of n (see p. 57).

  • Let us first of all glance at some of the most important phenomena in connection with assimilation and dissimilation.

British Dictionary definitions for dissimilation


  1. the act or an instance of making dissimilar
  2. phonetics the alteration or omission of a consonant as a result of being dissimilated
  3. biology a less common word for catabolism
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Word Origin and History for dissimilation


1874, noun of action from dissimilate.

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