[dih-sil-uh-buh l, dis-sil-, dahy-sil-]
Related formsdis·syl·lab·ic [dis-i-lab-ik, dis-si-, dahy-si-] /ˌdɪs ɪˈlæb ɪk, ˌdɪs sɪ-, ˌdaɪ sɪ-/, adjective
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disyllable (ˈdaɪsɪləbəl, dɪˈsɪl-)

  1. grammar a word of two syllables
Derived Formsdissyllabic (ˌdɪsɪˈlæbɪk, ˌdɪssɪ-, ˌdaɪ-) or disyllabic (ˌdaɪsɪˈlæbɪk, ˌdɪ-), adjective
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