[ dih-stur-buhns ]
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  1. the act of disturbing.

  2. the state of being disturbed.

  1. an instance of this; commotion.

  2. something that disturbs.

  3. an outbreak of disorder; a breach of public peace: Political disturbances shook the city.

  4. Meteorology. any cyclonic storm or low-pressure area, usually a small one.

  5. Geology. a crustal movement of moderate intensity, somewhat restricted in area.

Origin of disturbance

1250–1300; Middle English disto(u)rbance<Anglo-French, Old French. See disturb, -ance

synonym study For disturbance

2. See agitation. 5. See disorder.

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  • non·dis·turb·ance, noun
  • pre·dis·turb·ance, noun

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/ (dɪˈstɜːbəns) /

  1. the act of disturbing or the state of being disturbed

  2. an interruption or intrusion

  1. an unruly outburst or tumult

  2. law an interference with another's rights

  3. geology

    • a minor movement of the earth causing a small earthquake

    • a minor mountain-building event

  4. meteorol a small depression

  5. psychiatry a mental or emotional disorder

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