[ dit-ee ]
/ 藞d瑟t i /
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noun, plural dit路ties.
a poem intended to be sung.
a short, simple song.
verb (used without object), dit路tied, dit路ty路ing.
Obsolete. to sing.
verb (used with object), dit路tied, dit路ty路ing.
Obsolete. to set to or celebrate in music.
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Origin of ditty

1250鈥1300; Middle English dite<Anglo-French, Old French dit(i)e poem, noun use of past participle of ditier to compose <Latin dict膩re;see dictate
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British Dictionary definitions for ditty

/ (藞d瑟t瑟) /

noun plural -ties
a short simple song or poem

Word Origin for ditty

C13: from Old French ditie poem, from ditier to compose, from Latin dict膩re dictate
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