[ doh-ney-tuhs ]

  1. early-4th-century bishop of Casae Nigrae in northern Africa: leader of a heretical Christian group.: Compare Donatist.

  2. Aelius. 4th century a.d., Roman grammarian.

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How to use Donatus in a sentence

  • The first books printed were, of course, the works of the ancient authors, beginning with three editions of Donatus.

    Invention | Bradley A. Fiske
  • Donatus and Servius, very good grammarians, give a quite contrary sense of it.

  • A dishonest creditor was proved to be a false swearer and cheat by a corpse endowed with speech by St. Donatus.

  • In 1447 the same college bought a Psalter for three shillings and eightpence, and a Donatus for one shilling.

    Prices of Books | Henry B. Wheatley
  • Hic a compluribus Olauus est dictus, atque ob animi moderationem Mansueti cognomine Donatus.

    Beowulf | R. W. Chambers

British Dictionary definitions for Donatus


/ (dəʊˈnɑːtəs) /

  1. Auelius (ˈiːlɪəs). 4th century ad, Latin grammarian, who taught Saint Jerome; his textbook Ars Grammatica was used throughout the Middle Ages

  2. 4th century ad, bishop of Carthage; leader of the Donatists, a heretical Christian sect originating in N Africa in 311 a.d

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