US double-barreled

  1. (of a gun) having two barrels

  2. extremely forceful or vehement

  1. British (of a surname) having hyphenated parts

  2. serving two purposes; ambiguous: a double-barrelled remark

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How to use double-barrelled in a sentence

  • In the evening, crossed the glassy bay and motored to pay a double-barrelled visit to the Military and Civil Governors.

  • Nat himself intended to carry only his sword, and a double-barrelled pistol in his belt.

    A Roving Commission | G. A. Henty
  • This was the sportsman's double-barrelled gun, leant there against a tree.

    Wood Magic | Richard Jefferies
  • He usually carried a double-barrelled gun over his shoulder, and a powder-horn and bullet-bag were slung round his neck.

    Martin Rattler | R.M. Ballantyne
  • Two could be the same thing, provided the man was using a double barrelled shotgun, such as is used in hunting birds.