or drag·on's head

[ drag-uh n-hed ]
/ ˈdræg ənˌhɛd /


any of several mints of the genus Dracocephalum having spikes of double-lipped flowers.

Origin of dragonhead

1500–10; translation of New Latin Dracocephalum

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dragon's head


Astronomy. (formerly) the ascending node of the moon or a planet.

Origin of dragon's head

First recorded in 1500–10
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Examples from the Web for dragon-head

  • Olaf of Norway is afraid to-day, for he carries no dragon-head on his ship.

  • On the stem was a dragon-head, and on the stern a dragon-tail, and the sides of the bows of the ship were gilt.

    Heimskringla|Snorri Sturlason

British Dictionary definitions for dragon-head



/ (ˈdræɡənˌhɛd) /


any plant of the genus Dracocephalum, of Europe, Asia, and North America, having dense spikes of white or bluish flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
any North American plant of the related genus Physostegia, having pink or purplish flowers
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