[ duhng-guh-ree ]
/ ˌdʌŋ gəˈri /
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  1. work clothes, overalls, etc., of blue denim.
  2. blue jeans.
blue denim.
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Origin of dungaree

First recorded in 1605–15, dungaree is from the Hindi word dungrī kind of coarse cloth
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What are dungarees?

The word dungarees is most commonly used as another word for overalls—a garment consisting of pants attached to a top portion that’s held up by shoulder straps. The top portion is kind of like a bib or apron—it doesn’t have sleeves.

Dungarees are commonly worn for rugged work, but they are also worn as casualwear.

Dungarees can also be used as another word for jeans (usually blue jeans)—a type of pants traditionally made from denim (a kind of cotton fabric). This use of the word is less common than it once was.

Dungarees typically have seams and pockets that are reinforced with rivets (small metal fasteners).

Like the words pants and jeans, dungarees is always used in the plural form when referring to a garment.

The word dungaree (without an s at the end) refers to a kind of coarse cotton fabric, somewhat similar to denim, that such garments can be made out of.

Example: I wear these dungarees in the workshop because it’s like having a built-in apron.

Where does dungarees come from?

The first records of the word dungarees come from the early 1600s. It comes from Hindi dungrī, after Dungrī, a district of the city of Mumbai where the fabric known as dungaree originated.

Interestingly, the origins of the terms jeans and denim are both also based on places. The word jeans is derived from the term jean fustian, in which fustian refers to a kind of fabric and jean comes from Gene, in reference to Genoa, Italy—where such fabric was known for being manufactured.

The word denim comes from the French phrase (serge) de Nîmes, in which serge refers to a kind of fabric and Nîmes refers to the city in France once known for its manufacture.

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  • dungaree (noun)

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How is dungarees used in real life?

Dungarees are most commonly associated with their use as workwear. They are probably more commonly called overalls.


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The word dungarees always refers to overalls.

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British Dictionary definitions for dungaree

/ (ˌdʌŋɡəˈriː) /

a coarse cotton fabric used chiefly for work clothes, etc
  1. a suit of workman's overalls made of this material consisting of trousers with a bib attached
  2. a casual garment resembling this, usually worn by women or children
US trousers

Word Origin for dungaree

C17: from Hindi dungrī, after Dungrī, district of Mumbai, where this fabric originated
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