[ duhng-ker ]
/ ˈdʌŋ kər /


a member of the Church of the Brethren, a denomination of Christians founded in Germany in 1708 and later reorganized in the U.S., characterized by the practice of trine immersion, the celebration of a love feast accompanying the Lord's Supper, and opposition to the taking of oaths and to military service.
Also Dun·kard [duhng-kerd] /ˈdʌŋ kərd/, Tunker.

Origin of Dunker

1705–15, Americanism; < Pennsylvania German; see dunk, -er1

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[ duhngk ]
/ dʌŋk /

verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to dip or submerge something, oneself, etc., in a liquid: She thinks it's vulgar to dunk. Let's dunk in the pool before dinner.
Basketball. to execute or attempt a dunk shot.


any flavorful sauce, dip, gravy, etc., into which portions of food are dipped before eating.
Basketball. dunk shot.

Origin of dunk

1865–70, Americanism; < Pennsylvania German dunke to dip, immerse; compare German tunken, Middle High German dunken, tunken, Old High German thunkōn, dunkōn

Related forms

dunk·a·ble, adjective, noundunk·er, noun
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/ (dʌŋk) /


to dip (bread, etc) in tea, soup, etc, before eating
to submerge or be submerged in liquid

Derived Forms

dunker, noun

Word Origin for dunk

C20: from Pennsylvania Dutch, from Middle High German dunken, from Old High German dunkōn; see duck ², tinge

British Dictionary definitions for dunkers (2 of 2)


Dunkard (ˈdʌŋkəd)

/ (ˈdʌŋkə) /


a member of the German Baptist Brethren

Word Origin for Dunker

C18: from German Tunker ducker
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