[doo-oh, dyoo-oh]
noun, plural du·os.
  1. Music. duet.
  2. two persons commonly associated with each other; couple.
  3. two animals or objects of the same sort; two things ordinarily placed or found together; a pair: a duo of lovebirds.

Origin of duo

1580–90; < Italian < Latin: two
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pair, couple, brace, dyad, doublet

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noun plural duos or dui (ˈdjuːiː)
  1. music
    1. a pair of performers
    2. another word for duet
  2. a pair of actors, entertainers, etc
  3. informal a pair of closely connected individuals

Word Origin for duo

C16: via Italian from Latin: two
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Word Origin and History for duos



1580s, "song for two voices," via either Italian or French, from Latin duo "two" (see two). Meaning "two people" (especially as an entertainment team) attested by 1887.

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