dusty miller


  1. any of several composite plants, as Centaurea cineraria, Senecio cineraria, or the beach wormwood, having pinnate leaves covered with whitish pubescence.
  2. rose campion.
Angling. a type of artificial fly used chiefly for trout and salmon.

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Origin of dusty miller

First recorded in 1815–25

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British Dictionary definitions for dusty miller

dusty miller


Also called: snow-in-summer a caryophyllaceous plant, Cerastium tomentosum, of SE Europe and Asia, having white flowers and downy stems and leaves: cultivated as a rock plant
a plant, Artemisia stelleriana, of NE Asia and E North America, having small yellow flower heads and downy stems and leaves: family Asteraceae (composites)
any of various other downy plants, such as the rose campion
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Word Origin and History for dusty miller

dusty miller


common name for auricula, 1825, so called from the powder on the leaves and flower; millers, by the nature of their work, being famously dusty.

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