eat up

verb (adverb, mainly tr)

(also intr) to eat or consume entirely: often used as an exhortation to children
informal to listen to with enthusiasm or appreciationthe audience ate up the speaker's every word
(often passive) informal to affect grosslyshe was eaten up by jealousy
informal to travel (a distance) quicklywe just ate up the miles
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Idioms and Phrases with eat up

eat up


Consume completely, as in No television until you eat up your dinner, or This quarter's expenses have eaten up all my spare cash. The literal use (first example) dates from the early 1500s, the figurative from the early 1600s.


Enjoy avidly, as in She simply eats up the publicity. [Late 1800s]


Believe unquestioningly, be gullible, as in He'll eat up whatever the broker tells him. [Slang; early 1900s]


Defeat completely, as in This new fighter just eats up every opponent. [Slang; c. 1830]


See eat out, def. 2.

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