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1640s, sect (1c.-2c.) that held Jesus was a mere man and Christians continued bound by Mosaic Law, from Latin ebonita, from Hebrew ebyon "poor."

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  • The Ebionite churches, on the contrary, grew poorer each day.

    English Conferences of Ernest Renan

    Ernest Renan

  • This is what is meant by the Ebionite tone of the Epistle; for poverty is the condition which Ebionism delights to honour.

  • The theory of the Ebionite legend must contain some truth at the bottom, in spite of the fables which are mingled with it.

  • A little later, and yet another Ebionite tried his hand on the Alexandrian version; this was Symmachus.

  • The Ebionite who kissed the Pentateuch, and the Gnostic who tore it up, were both foolish because both ignorant.