elder statesman

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  1. an influential citizen, often a retired high official, whose advice is sought by government leaders.

  2. any influential member of a company, group, etc., whose advice is respected.

  1. Japanese History. any of the political leaders who retired from official office but continued to exert a strong influence in the government and who controlled the emperor's privy council, especially in the period 1898–1914.

Origin of elder statesman

First recorded in 1900–05

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How to use elder statesman in a sentence

  • "You know what I think," said the elder statesman thoughtfully.

    The Prime Minister | Anthony Trollope
  • Even with the Labor Party in power he was a respected elder statesman.

    The Sensitive Man | Poul William Anderson

British Dictionary definitions for elder statesman

elder statesman

  1. an old, experienced, and eminent person, esp a politician, whose advice is often sought

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