[ ih-lek-troh-dahy-al-uh-sis ]
/ 瑟藢l蓻k tro蕣 da瑟藞忙l 蓹 s瑟s /
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noun, plural e路lec路tro路di路al路y路ses [ih-lek-troh-dahy-al-uh-seez]. /瑟藢l蓻k tro蕣 da瑟藞忙l 蓹藢siz/. Physical Chemistry.
dialysis in which electrodes of opposite charge are placed on either side of a membrane to accelerate diffusion.
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Origin of electrodialysis

First recorded in 1920鈥25; electro- + dialysis

OTHER WORDS FROM electrodialysis

e路lec路tro路di路a路lit路ic [ih-lek-troh-dahy-uh-lit-ik], /瑟藢l蓻k tro蕣藢da瑟 蓹藞l瑟t 瑟k/, adjectivee路lec路tro路di路a路lit路i路cal路ly, adverb
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How to use electrodialysis in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for electrodialysis

/ (瑟藢l蓻ktr蓹蕣da瑟藞忙l瑟s瑟s) /

dialysis in which electrolytes are removed from a colloidal solution by a potential difference between two electrodes separated by one or more membranes
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Medical definitions for electrodialysis

[ 沫-l臅k鈥瞭r艒-d墨-膬l沫-s沫s ]

Dialysis at a rate increased by the application of an electric potential across the dialysis membrane, used especially to remove electrolytes from a colloidal suspension.
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Scientific definitions for electrodialysis

[ 沫-l臅k鈥瞭r艒-d墨-膬l沫-s沫s ]

A process by which ionized materials dissolved in a liquid, such as the anions and cations of dissolved salts, are moved across a membrane by the application of an electric field, separating them from liquids or ions of opposite charge. Electrodialysis can be use for the desalinization of brackish water.
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