[ ih-lee-tist ey-lee‐ ]
/ ɪˈli tɪst eɪˈli‐ /


(of a person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society: elitist country clubbers who have theirs and don't care about anybody else.
catering to or associated with an elitist class, its ideologies, or its institutions: Even at such a small, private college, Latin and Greek are under attack as too elitist.


a person having, thought to have, or professing superior intellect or talent, power, wealth, or membership in the upper echelons of society: He lost a congressional race in Texas by being smeared as an Eastern elitist.
a person who believes in the superiority of an elitist class.

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Related formsan·ti·e·lit·ist, noun, adjectivenon·e·lit·ist, noun, adjective

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1950; see elite + -ist. The original examples were Freud, Nietzsche, and Carlyle.

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