[ ih-mit ]
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verb (used with object),e·mit·ted, e·mit·ting.
  1. to send forth (liquid, light, heat, sound, particles, etc.); discharge.

  2. to give forth or release (a sound): He emitted one shrill cry and then was silent.

  1. to utter or voice, as opinions.

  2. to issue, as an order or a decree.

  3. to issue formally for circulation, as paper money.

Origin of emit

1620–30; <Latin ēmittere to send forth, equivalent to ē-e-1 + mittere to send

Other words from emit

  • re·e·mit, verb (used with object), re·e·mit·ted, re·e·mit·ting.
  • self-e·mit·ted, adjective
  • un·e·mit·ted, adjective
  • un·e·mit·ting, adjective

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How to use emit in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for emit


/ (ɪˈmɪt) /

verbemits, emitting or emitted (tr)
  1. to give or send forth; discharge: the pipe emitted a stream of water

  2. to give voice to; utter: she emitted a shrill scream

  1. physics to give off (radiation or particles)

  2. to put (currency) into circulation

Origin of emit

C17: from Latin ēmittere to send out, from mittere to send

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