[ en-duh-krin, -krahyn, -kreen ]
/ ˈɛn də krɪn, -ˌkraɪn, -ˌkrin /
Anatomy, Physiology

adjective Also en·do·cri·nal [en-duh-krahyn-l, -kreen-l] /ˌɛn dəˈkraɪn l, -ˈkrin l/, en·do·crin·ic [en-duh-krin-ik] /ˈɛn dəˈkrɪn ɪk/, endocrinous.

secreting internally into the blood or lymph.
of or relating to an endocrine gland or its secretion.


an internal secretion; hormone.
Compare exocrine.

Origin of endocrine

1910–15; endo- + -crine < Greek krī́nein to separate
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Examples from the Web for endocrines

  • Sulfa-tetradine deposits out in the endocrines, so a single dose is all a person can take.

    Mate in Two Moves|Winston Marks
  • Some day we shall have the proverb: 'A man is as old as his endocrines.'

    Black Oxen|Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

British Dictionary definitions for endocrines

/ (ˈɛndəʊˌkraɪn, -krɪn) /

adjective Also: endocrinal (ˌɛndəʊˈkraɪnəl), endocrinic (ˌɛndəʊˈkrɪnɪk), endocrinous (ɛnˈdɒkrɪnəs)

of or denoting endocrine glands or their secretionsendocrine disorders


an endocrine gland
Compare exocrine

Word Origin for endocrine

C20: from endo- + -crine, from Greek krinein to separate
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Medical definitions for endocrines

[ ĕndə-krĭn, -krēn′, -krīn′ ]


Secreting internally, most commonly into the systemic circulation.
Of or relating to endocrine glands or the hormones secreted by them.


The secretion of an endocrine gland.
An endocrine gland.
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