[ en-shee-uh, -tee-uh ]
/ ˈɛn ʃi ə, -ti ə /


plural of ens.

Definition for entia (2 of 2)

[ enz, ens ]
/ ɛnz, ɛns /

noun, plural en·ti·a [en-shee-uh, -tee-uh] /ˈɛn ʃi ə, -ti ə/, Metaphysics.

an existing or real thing; an entity.

Origin of ens

< Latin ēns, present participle of esse to be
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British Dictionary definitions for entia

/ (ɛnz) /

noun plural entia (ˈɛnʃɪə) metaphysics

being or existence in the most general abstract sense
a real thing, esp as opposed to an attribute; entity

Word Origin for ens

C16: from Late Latin, literally: being, from Latin esse to be
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