[ French ahn-truh-sha ]
/ French ɑ̃ trəˈʃa /

noun, plural en·tre·chats [French ahn-truh-sha] /French ɑ̃ trəˈʃa/. Ballet.

a jump in which the dancer crosses the feet a number of times while in the air.

Origin of entrechat

1765–75; < French, alteration of Italian (capriola) intrecciata intwined (caper), equivalent to in- in-2 + trecci- tress + -ata -ate1
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/ (French ɑ̃trəʃa) /


a leap in ballet during which the dancer repeatedly crosses his feet or beats them together

Word Origin for entrechat

C18: from French, from earlier entrechase, changed by folk etymology from Italian (capriola) intrecciata, literally: entwined (caper), from intrecciare to interlace, from in- ² + treccia tress
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