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(ĕn-trōpē-ŏn′, -ən)
  1. The inversion or turning inward of a part.
  2. The infolding of the margin of an eyelid.
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Historical Examples

  • Entropion, with nebulous and vascular cornea in an old woman of seventy.

    At the Court of the Amr

    John Alfred Gray

  • Entropion affecting the lower lid appears also as the result of extreme photophobia (intolerance to light).

  • The plastic operation for entropion seems to have been one which was very frequently required.

  • The base of the pterygium was then severed with the scalpel for the plastic operation on entropion.

  • In case the natural growth of the eyelashes is directed inward, an operation similar to that for entropion becomes necessary.

    Special Report on Diseases of Cattle

    U.S. Department of Agriculture