[ ep-i-did-uh-mis ]
/ ˌɛp ɪˈdɪd ə mɪs /

noun, plural ep·i·di·dym·i·des [ep-i-di-dim-i-deez, -did-uh-mi-] /ˌɛp ɪ dɪˈdɪm ɪˌdiz, -ˈdɪd ə mɪ-/. Anatomy.

an elongated organ on the posterior surface of a testis that stores sperm while they mature and constitutes the convoluted beginning of the vas deferens.
See also vas efferens.

Origin of epididymis

1600–10; < Greek epididymís; see epi-, didymous

Related forms

ep·i·did·y·mal, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for epididymides


/ (ˌɛpɪˈdɪdɪmɪs) /

noun plural -didymides (-dɪˈdɪmɪˌdiːz)

anatomy a convoluted tube situated along the posterior margin of each testis, in which spermatozoa are stored and conveyed to the vas deferens

Derived Forms

epididymal, adjective

Word Origin for epididymis

C17: from Greek epididumis, from epi- + didumos twin, testicle; see didymous
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Medicine definitions for epididymides


[ ĕp′ĭ-dĭdə-mĭs ]

n. pl. ep•i•did•y•mi•des (-mĭ-dēz′)

A long, narrow, convoluted tube in the spermatic duct system that lies on the posterior aspect of each testicle and connects with the vas deferens.
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