Epsom salts

  1. (functioning as singular or plural) a medicinal preparation of hydrated magnesium sulphate, used as a purgative

Origin of Epsom salts

C18: named after Epsom, where they occur naturally in the water

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How to use Epsom salts in a sentence

  • Carbolic Acid … liquid … oil … sweet oil … castor oil … aperient … Epsom salts … white … white of egg.

    Assimilative Memory | Marcus Dwight Larrowe (AKA Prof. A. Loisette)
  • It consists of the following: One part Epsom salts, two parts glycerine, and three parts soap suds.

    The Mother and Her Child | William S. Sadler
  • Two ounces citric acid, one ounce tartaric acid, one half ounce Epsom salts, five pounds white sugar.

  • He hez been takin Epsom salts and epecac; and one is workin up, and the other is workin down.

    Swingin Round the Cirkle. | Petroleum V. Nasby
  • Take a dose of Epsom salts, castor oil, or cascara sagrada, then regulate your diet.

    Supreme Personality | Delmer Eugene Croft

Scientific definitions for Epsom salts

Epsom salts

[ ĕpsəm ]

  1. A bitter, colorless, crystalline salt, used in making textiles, in fertilizers, for medical purposes, and as an additive to bath water to soothe the skin. Chemical formula: MgSO4·7H2O.

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