[ ih-kwiv-uh-key-shuhn ]
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  1. the use of equivocal or ambiguous expressions, especially in order to mislead or hedge; prevarication.

  2. an equivocal, ambiguous expression; equivoque: The speech was marked by elaborate equivocations.

  1. Logic. a fallacy caused by the double meaning of a word.

Origin of equivocation

1350–1400; Middle English equivocacion<Late Latin aequivocātiōn- (stem of aequivocātiō). See equivocate, -ion

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British Dictionary definitions for equivocation


/ (ɪˌkwɪvəˈkeɪʃən) /

  1. the act or an instance of equivocating

  2. logic a fallacy based on the use of the same term in different senses, esp as the middle term of a syllogism, as the badger lives in the bank, and the bank is in the High Street, so the badger lives in the High Street

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