[ ĭ-rŭk-tāshən, ē′rŭk- ]
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The act or an instance of belching.
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What does eructation mean?

Eructation is a technical term for the act or an instance of burping or belching.

The verbs eruct and eructate mean to burp. These terms are typically used in a medical or scientific context in much the same way as other technical terms for bodily processes (such as flatulation, more commonly known as farting).

This sense of the eructation is sometimes used in a figurative way to refer to something, such as a statement or piece of writing, as a way of dismissing it as worthless or hastily issued (humorously comparing it to a burp).

Eructation can also be used to refer to the violent ejection of fumes or other matter, as is done by a volcano or geyser. The term eruption is similar but commonly refers to a more extensive ejection of molten rock, steam, or other materials. Eructation sometimes precedes eruption.

Example: The patient presented with excessive eructation that he said had been occurring for at least three days.

Where does eructation come from?

The first records of the word eructation come from the 1500s. It derives from the Latin verb ērūctāre, meaning “to vomit” or “to discharge violently.” But eructation does not refer to vomiting—the technical word for that is emesis. The Latin ērūctāre comes from ructāre, “to belch.”

Eructation is very common and often happens as a result of eating quickly, drinking carbonated beverages, or swallowing air. But excessive eructation might be a sign of other gastrointestinal issues. Other animals eruct, too. Eructation from cows is thought to be a significant source of methane in the atmosphere.

In the context of volcanoes, an eructation is basically an earth burp. Scientists study these eructations to better predict when a dormant volcano may erupt.

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What are some other forms related to eructation?

  • eruct (verb)
  • eructate (verb)
  • eructative (adjective)

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How is eructation used in real life?

Eructation is usually used in a scientific context. It can also be used figuratively or as a humorously technical way to refer to burping.



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