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essential element


  1. biochem any chemical element required by an organism for healthy growth. It may be required in large amounts (macronutrient) or in very small amounts (trace element) See also macronutrient trace element
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Example Sentences

Race was an essential element of the Obama narrative launched in his 2004 Democratic Convention speech.

For these individuals, the use of peyote was an essential element of the religious rituals of their Native American Church.

Camp is an essential element of the Bond franchise, especially in its early days.

But it is the essential element in efforts by Obama to “reset,” or firm up and increase the benefits of, relations with Russia.

Sebelius says the public option is not the “essential element,” a tack that might surprise some supporters back in Washington.

The location is an essential element, and the policy will not be stretched to cover property not within the description.

The time was, and that not very far in the past, when it was an essential element in human development.

We miss, too, in the prison, another essential element of a reformatory institution.

Nay, it was an integral essential element in human progress.

This is the more remarkable because it is not an essential element in Neo-Platonism, upon which Gabirol's system is based.





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