1. a suffix occurring in loanwords from French, usually agent nouns formed from verbs (entrepreneur; voyeur), less commonly adjectives (agent provocateur).

Origin of -eur

<French; Old French -o(u)r<Latin -ōr--or2 and -eo(u)r<Latin -ātōr--ator; see -tor

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  1. Europe.

  2. European.

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How to use -eur in a sentence

  • Like the corresponding French nouns in -eur, these nouns in -aire, as well as those in -èire, are also used as adjectives.

    Frdric Mistral | Charles Alfred Downer
  • The same sentiment, though expressed the contrary way, occurs in Eur.

  • There can be no doubt that the fylfot throughout Eur-Asia had a symbolic significance, which in many places it still retains.

    Evolution in Art | Alfred C. Haddon
  • A plaintive phee-eur; a short, plaintive, twittering warble.

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combining form
  1. a variant of euro-

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