[ ih-vohk ]
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verb (used with object),e·voked, e·vok·ing.
  1. to call up or produce (memories, feelings, etc.): to evoke a memory.

  2. to elicit or draw forth: His comment evoked protests from the shocked listeners.

  1. to call up; cause to appear; summon: to evoke a spirit from the dead.

  2. to produce or suggest through artistry and imagination a vivid impression of reality: a short passage that manages to evoke the smells, colors, sounds, and shapes of that metropolis.

Origin of evoke

First recorded in 1615–25; from Latin ēvocāre, from ē- e-1 + vocāre “to call” (akin to vōx voice)

Other words from evoke

  • e·vok·er, noun
  • un·e·voked, adjective

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How to use evoke in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for evoke


/ (ɪˈvəʊk) /

  1. to call or summon up (a memory, feeling, etc), esp from the past

  2. to call forth or provoke; produce; elicit: his words evoked an angry reply

  1. to cause (spirits) to appear; conjure up

Origin of evoke

C17: from Latin ēvocāre to call forth, from vocāre to call


Derived forms of evoke

  • evocable (ˈɛvəkəbəl), adjective
  • evoker, noun

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