[ ek-skruh-muh nt ]
/ ˈɛk skrə mənt /


waste matter discharged from the body, especially feces.

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Origin of excrement

1525–35; < Latin excrēmentum, equivalent to excrē- (perfect stem of excernere to excrete) + -mentum -ment

Related formsex·cre·men·tous [ek-skruh-men-tuh s] /ˌɛk skrəˈmɛn təs/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for excrement


/ (ˈɛkskrɪmənt) /


waste matter discharged from the body, esp faeces; excreta
Derived Formsexcremental (ˌɛkskrɪˈmɛntəl) or excrementitious (ˌɛkskrɪmɛnˈtɪʃəs), adjective

Word Origin for excrement

C16: from Latin excrēmentum, from excernere to sift, excrete

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Word Origin and History for excrement



1530s, "waste discharged from the body," from Latin excrementum, from stem of excretus, past participle of excernere "to sift out, discharge," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + cernere "sift, separate" (see crisis). Originally any bodily secretion, especially from the bowels; exclusive sense of "feces" is since mid-18c.

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Medicine definitions for excrement


[ ĕkskrə-mənt ]


Waste matter or any excretion cast out of the body, especially feces.

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