[ ik-spee-dee-en-shuhl ]
/ ɪkˌspi diˈɛn ʃəl /
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pertaining to or regulated by expediency.
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Origin of expediential

First recorded in 1840–50; expedient + -ial

OTHER WORDS FROM expediential

ex·pe·di·en·tial·ly, adverbnon·ex·pe·di·en·tial, adjective
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What does expedientially mean?

Expedientially is an adverb that means done in a way that is best under the circumstances. It can also mean based on self-interest or what is advantageous, as opposed to what is right.

Expedientially is rarely used. It is often used in much the same way as the much more common word expediently.

Example: The two things you need to know about politicians is that they always operate expedientially and they always use big words when small words would suffice.

Where does expedientially come from?

Expedientially is the adverb form of expediential, which is a form of expedient. These words all ultimately derive from the Latin word expedīre, which means “to disengage” or to “set the feet free.” It is based on the root ped, meaning “foot” (as seen in words like pedal and pedestrian). A closely related word is expedite, which means “to speed something up.”

The word expedient is often used in the phrase politically expedient, as in We can’t always please all our constituents—we have to do what’s politically expedient to accomplish our larger goals. If an action is called expedient, it can be interpreted as meaning that it’s the advisable thing to do, or the advantageous thing to do. After all, isn’t it advisable to the advantageous thing? We’ll let the politicians sort that one out, as long as they do it expedientially

Regardless of what it truly means, expedientially is rarely used. Some people may mistakenly use it when they mean exponentially, which most commonly means “increasing steadily and usually rapidly.” (We don’t expect use of expedientially to increase exponentially anytime soon, but you never know. It may become the expedient thing to do.)

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What are some other forms of expedientially?

  • expediential (adjective)

What are some synonyms for expedientially?

What are some words that share a root or word element with expedientially

What are some words that often get used in discussing expedientially?

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How is expedientially used in real life?

Expedientially is often used in the context of politics or when discussing decisions that need to be made in a practical or pragmatic way. 



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British Dictionary definitions for expediential

/ (ɪkˌspiːdɪˈɛnʃəl) /

denoting, based on, or involving expediency

Derived forms of expediential

expedientially, adverb
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