or fall-out

[ fawl-out ]
/ ˈfɔlˌaʊt /
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the settling to the ground of airborne particles ejected into the atmosphere from the earth by explosions, eruptions, forest fires, etc., especially such settling from nuclear explosions (radioactive fallout ).Compare rainout.
the particles themselves.Compare rainout.
an unexpected or incidental effect, outcome, or product: the psychological fallout of being obese.
effects; results: emotional fallout from a divorce.
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Origin of fallout

First recorded in 1945–50; noun use of verb phrase fall out
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How to use fallout in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for fallout

/ (ˈfɔːlˌaʊt) /

the descent of solid material in the atmosphere onto the earth, esp of radioactive material following a nuclear explosion
any solid particles that so descend
informal side-effects; secondary consequences
verb fall out (intr, adverb)
sentence substitute
military the order to leave a parade or disciplinary formation
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Other Idioms and Phrases with fallout

fall out


Leave one's place in military ranks, as in After inspection they were ordered to fall out. [First half of 1800s]


Also, have a falling-out. Disagree, quarrel, as in The brothers fell out over their inheritance, or They no longer speak—they had a falling-out some years ago. [First half of 1500s]


Happen, result, as in Let us know how it falls out in the end. [Second half of 1500s]

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