[ fahr-gawn, -gon ]
/ ˈfɑrˈgɔn, -ˈgɒn /


approaching the end, as of life, duration, usefulness, etc.: The sleeve is too far-gone to mend.

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Origin of far-gone

First recorded in 1770–80


[ gawn, gon ]
/ gɔn, gɒn /


past participle of go1.


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British Dictionary definitions for far gone


/ (ɡɒn) /


the past participle of go 1

adjective (usually postpositive)


pastit's gone midnight
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Word Origin and History for far gone


past participle of go.

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Idioms and Phrases with far gone

far gone

Extremely advanced, referring to some progressive action or condition. For example, These trees are too far gone to be saved, or He's had a lot to drink and is too far gone to drive himself home. [Mid-1500s]


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