fed up

  1. (usually postpositive) informal annoyed, discontented, or bored: I'm fed up with your conduct

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How to use fed up in a sentence

  • Cash and I tried to sleep on kitchen roof but the darned mosquitoes fed up on us and then played heavenly choir all night.

    Cabin Fever | B. M. Bower
  • They were miserable, "fed up," but merry; that strange combination one sees so much of out here.

    In the Ranks of the C.I.V. | Erskine Childers
  • Roving and changing and mucking about in crowds—no; I was fed up with that when he sent me away to school.

  • John Bull (fed up): "Please, sir, need I have quite so many good things?"

  • And Mr. Edmondson had asked her whether she did not get “fed up” with painting towards the end of the day!

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions