feed bag

or feedbag

  1. Also called nose bag. a bag for feeding horses, placed before the mouth and fastened around the head with straps.

Idioms about feed bag

  1. put on the feed bag, Slang. to have a meal; eat: When his friends put on the feed bag, they finish everything in sight.

Origin of feed bag

An Americanism dating back to 1830–40

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How to use feed bag in a sentence

  • This done, Mike drove to Mr. Pembroke's and hitched his horse at the gate, with its nose in a feed-bag.

    The Mission of Poubalov | Frederick R. (Frederick Russell) Burton

British Dictionary definitions for feedbag


/ (ˈfiːdˌbæɡ) /

  1. any bag in which feed for livestock is sacked

  2. US and Canadian a bag, fastened around the head of a horse and covering the nose, in which feed is placed: Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): nosebag

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